80mm(Dia) x 71.24mm(Height with stem)
Model : DS-56

Frequency 1575 MHz/ 1602 MHz (CF: 1590 MHz)
Bandwidth 50 MHz min @ -10 dB
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Peak Gain: 4 dBic min/ 1575 MHz
4 dBic min/ 1602 – 1616 MHz 
Power Handling 1 W
Polarization RHCP
Amplifier Gain 27 dB Typical
Noise Figure 1.5 dB
VSWR 2.0 Max
DC Voltage 3-5 Volt
DC Current 18+/- 3 mA
Working Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Storage Temperature -50°C~+95°C
Cable RG-58(Length is suggested between 3~5M)
Connector TNC(antenna) to BNC or others at the terminal
This specification is subject to change without prior notice...
The model DS-56 is a GPS/ GLONASS combined antenna. It's an active design to operate at the frequency of GPS L1 1575.42 MHz and GLONASS L1 1602 MHz. The antenna is optimized to receive right-hand-circularly-polarized signals and have LNA designed in. The antenna can also be fixed by an optional mounting base.

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